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Armchair Downloading – Games on Demand – Is Your Computer at Risk?

Can I find a risk free, trustworthy web site?

This is a question many gamers are faced with when deciding to download any content to their computer. The following review will allow the consumer to make that choice safely. When you want to download full version games for free, it’s hard to find quality software. Some of them are good, most of them get the job done (more or less), and too many just simply don’t get the job done. There is also the added risk of adware, spyware, Trojans and viruses being allowed access to your computers system, and from personal experience this can cause a great deal of frustration. Downloading games online can be a risky and costly process, there are tricks and tips that can save YOU time and money when looking for that quality download program.

What should you look for?

You should look for websites that operate on a pay-per-download basis or offers a membership. On a pay-per-download site you pay for each game you download which in the majority of cases is only a few dollars.On the sites that require a membership you pay a onetime membership fee for access to unlimited game downloads and a continuous connection to millions of people sharing millions of files! So even if there is a small fee required by these alternative game download sites, you will surpass all unsuspected fees and risk and don’t forget that you can also download various other media content from these sites such as movies, music, DVD backup software, mp3/mp4, and much more…

We believe downloading full version games online is the wave of the near future. You cut out any added cost to you instantly. You do all this risk free, from the comfort of your own home or office, with the peace of mind of knowing that your computer is safe and protected, whilst you receive highest quality content possible and we hope this information is helpful and productive in your search for online gaming pleasure and entertainment; we specialize in keeping consumers informed and advised on changing market trends and the overall world of online gaming and entertainment information.

3 Tips to Avoid 99 Percent of Spyware & Adware

Spyware and Adware issues are now extremely common amongst Internet users. CNN recently reported that over 90% of all Internet users worldwide have some form of spyware / adware on their PC’s right now.

Therefore, it is absolutely crucial that you take the necessary action to remove all traces of Spyware.

Below are some tips on how you can avoid having spyware installed on your computer without you knowing. If you follow these, you stand an extremely high chance of keeping your PC clean and disinfected.

1. Keep Microsoft Windows Updated

Many users are still not quite sure why it is necessary to download software updates on a regular basis. Security holes in software products are *regularly* discovered, and must be fixed by the software maker, through updates.

Well, in the case of Microsoft windows (your operating system), it’s *vital* that you keep it updated, since most attacks take advantage of security flaws that have been already fixed in the latest updates. Therefore, it is critical that you download these types of updates in order to combat certain loop holes in their security system.

2. Be Wary Of Dubious Software

I apologize for this rather vague piece of advice, but essentially the way to avoid trouble is simple:

- *Only* install software downloaded from the maker’s site, or from official “mirrors”, and not from other places (especially peer-to-peer networks). You might then say “well, what if the maker is dodgy?”

My answer would be: “Sometimes, it is almost impossible to tell if a maker is legitimate or not, and that is part of the risk we take when using the Internet.” If you are in doubt, you always have the option of asking someone techie or ‘in the know’…

3. Use An Anti-Spyware Software Product

If you want to be 99.9% safe when using the Internet, the best way is to use an anti-spyware software product which will obliterate all of these problems! You cannot remove spyware problems with anti-virus software, because the software simply won’t detect them. I know I keep saying this, but this is crucial to your understanding.

In summary:

The first two points that I made are important (keeping your windows software updated and being wary of dubious software whilst using the Internet), but really the most important and significant action that you can take to avoid and remove spyware is to use a spyware removal software product.

Make sure that you use one which has been honestly reviewed and tested by others. As you may guess, there are many products out there that claim to do the job effectively (that is, detecting and removing spyware), but unfortunately many of them do not.

List Building Tips & Tricks

The old saying is that the money is in the list. Well, the money is actually in a good list. Trust me on this, there are plenty of lists that aren’t worth their weight in spam. So if you want to build a list that will actually be responsive, you have to walk a very fine line between a number of areas. This article will cover some basic do’s and don’ts that should improve the quality and size of your list greatly.

The first thing that you need to realize, and I can’t stress this enough, is that you’re not going to get somebody to sign up to your list by just telling them that they’re going to get a newsletter. Can you say yawnsville? If you want to get somebody into your prized list, you need to give them something; a free report, a small ebook, a software download, something. This will give them a good incentive to join your list.

Once you’ve got them on board, the key is to keep them on board. This is where things get a little tricky. Because everybody is different, you’re going to have some members of your list who will want to be emailed regularly and others who will get annoyed if they’re emailed everyday. So you have to try to strike a balance between the two, understanding that you won’t please everyone. It’s best to email your list maybe a couple of times a week and no more than three times a week. This should keep most people on both sides happy.

The next issue that comes up is what to email your list members. The first thing that most list owners do wrong is send their list members one offer after another. People don’t join lists to be sold to. They join lists to get some relevant content to their business that will hopefully help them with building their business. This is where, again, you have to strike a balance between giving them too much content and not enough. Give them too much and they have no reason to purchase any of your products, though they might hang around for a long time. Don’t give them enough content and they’ll unsubscribe faster than you can blink. If you’re going to email your list three times a week, it’s best to give them pure content in at least two of every three mailings. This way they will see value in staying on your list and you’ll have a few chances to make some sales. Again, it’s a real balancing act that isn’t always easy.

Finally, you want to make it easy for your list members to unsubscribe. Many list builders bury their unsubscribe links so far down the email after a ton of white space that nobody can find them. This will only lead to ill will and a bad reputation. Treat your list as you would want to be treated.

By following these few simple tips, you should have a list that is both happy and profitable.