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Tips to Choose The Best iPhone Download Sites

Just bought an iPhone? Are you in the search for websites providing accessories, softwares and unlimited entertainment such as movies, games, music, themes, etc? Then this write up will help you find the best pick of websites for download.

One needs to know what downloads are available and what are their advantages, if one want to reap the best functions from their iPhone. Before subscribing into any iPhone download websites one needs to look into several features, to get the best out. Different kinds of membership are available for unlimited entertainment such as music, songs, video, software downloads, etc. these should be rated on the following basis:

1. Availability of Files

We should never make a negotiation even if a website offers download at a cheaper price. Because many times these files are of low quality and are not the best collection of movies, music, games, softwares, etc. we should always go in for the websites offering the best collection. Never compromise on quality.

2. Download Speed

If the download speed of a websites is real slow then it gets real irritating. And no matter how good the collection of downloads is it get really difficult to transfer it on to your phone. Some good websites offer high speed downloads for the iPhone. And most of the time downloads are immediate. Another thing while downloading movies is that you should be able to watch the movie while it is being downloaded, this is a good sign of high speed downloads.

3. User Friendly

The interaction interface of a website should be easy to understand and pleasing to the viewer. It should help you handle your collection of music, movies and other downloads with ease. They should also help you schedule your downloads. And one more important thing, too many clicks annoys a person and so one should be able to download a file with just 2 to 3 clicks.

4. Money Back Guarantee

Any site that offers the money back guarantee scheme is a good website. Cause no website can be evaluated for its download speed or its ease of interactivity without actually subscribing to it. So it very important to look into this area before subscribing into any iPhone download websites.

5. Customer Care

If you face any kind of difficulty with your service provider, then you have to contact the customer care. You usually come to know these problems in a month or two. And if the customer care does not get back to you or their reply is not upto the mark and you a still facing a lot of trouble with the provider then it is time you go for the money back option, cancel this service and try another provider.

6. High Security
Any data you store on your phone is important to you and so you would not want any spywares or malwares coming along with downloads and corrupting your phone. And so always subscribe to a site which greatly values customer security. The websites should also maintain a high security level with personal information of customers which they provide during subscription.

7. Price

Usually there is no competition between the best websites providing downloads the iPhone. They all follow a fixed amount of $49.95 for their unlimited service.

The resource box link will take you to a complete study of the 4 most popular iPhone download websites. Their rating is based on the 7 points given above.

6 Surefire Tips to Find a Great Site for Unlimited iPhone Downloads

Unlimited iPhone downloads are in high demand these days. It is quite easy to understand. With the huge capacity of multiple Gigabytes, you can store up many songs in your digital portable player cum phone.

The truth is while iTunes reign as king for downloads, people are turning to other online sites to get their music supplies, latest movies, music videos and games. In fact, this article is written to show you a few surefire tips to source for a great site that can provide unlimited iPhone downloads without costing you an arm or a leg.

1. Price of Downloads

Do a quick check and you are likely to find sites that sell you a song for $0.99. Well, there are services that now follow a pay per membership business model. In this model, you get to download endless number of iPhone movies, videos, games and songs for the price of lesser than $50 in most cases.

2. Size of Database and Type of iPhone Media Files

It is a competitive market out there which is good for you as a consumer. Look for one service that offers not only songs and music, but videos, TV shows, movies, games and more. Make sure that they have at least 1 million files.

3. Customer Download Platform

Customers either love a user-friendly platform or hate a complicated one that takes ages to search and locate a song. Choose one that comes with an easy to use download platform with full search functionality.

4. Required Download and Conversion Software

Nowadays, it is a norm for services to give you free software applications to download files for iPhone such as music MP3s, videos and movies. Most importantly, they need to provide expensive file conversion software as well in case you want to download songs which are not compatible with your iPhone.

5. High Speed Downloads

Avoid those services that limit your bandwidth usage whenever they experience huge traffic volumes. People have complained about these poorly run sites. On the other hand, there are of course professional services that allow you unlimited iPhone downloads without any reduction in transfer speed regardless of its traffic.

6. Technical and Customer Support

This is an aspect which you need to consider. Excellent services are hard to find but not impossible. Spend a bit of time to check out existing customers’ feedback.

You now know a lot more than many folks out there about this topic. Spend a couple of minutes to read the reviews of top services for unlimited iPhone downloads and why people are going gaga over them.

How to Avoid Downloading Malware Infected File?

The biggest challenge that comes across to anyone who attempts to download any file or program is the threat of malware. Malware is not only malicious software that harms your system but also attempts to create a gateway for hackers for easy entry into your system. This results in data stealing and tampering. But threats cannot stop users from downloading files because it is necessary. However, the simple solution to this complex problem is that you need to be careful while you are downloading.

Through this article you will be able to know the potential threats and tips to avoid malware infections.

About downloading

It is not always easy to download that program file or your favorite screen saver from a given website or a link. It is not surprising that while you are trying to get a particular software utility file you are bombarded with numerous links. Some websites contain link landmines that only seems to be links to download but in actual turn out to be something else. Often clicking on these brings about system failure, tampered toolbars and unwanted add-ons. The most common one is a malware threat.

Numerous links appear as search results and it is actually not possible for users to be aware of each of them and not open them. However, if you are careful you can get past these and avoid it. Adware, malware, unwanted installation tools and add-ons are required to be kept at bay and these are available with freely available programs.

Accessing the Download Button

The initial thing that you need to take to take care of is that it is a legit website like from CNET. This is a popular website that ensures that each download link provided is clean. Now navigate to the link and click the Download button.

However, it seems easy but here you need to read past the fine print. Hover your mouse over the Download button and you will be able to see the fine print and the terms regarding the download. The fine print is all about installing adware on your system indirectly.

If you accept and proceed then you will get various options for downloading third-party software for supporting it. Another way to download is to skip the offers, as they appear one by one.

You might see the following two options on your screen:

• Full Installation (Recommended)
• Custom Installation (Advanced User)

If you come across any of these then you need to select the radio button against the option of Custom Installation. Then carefully uncheck the boxes against options that ask you to install toolbars and other add-ons.

Checking for Authentic Direct Download Option

The direct download options seem to be an easy way out. However, if you see more than one download button options then again you are in a dilemma about which one to click on. It is not as easy as it sounds, as now you need to find out which one is direct link to download. To find out hover your mouse over a button to check where it is leading to. If it is redirecting you towards another link or website then it would be safer not to click on it. Remember to avoid a double click ad or something that is similar to it. An authentic download button might display a message or keywords like firmware download.

Scan for Malware

You can effectively scan the file for any malware threat by using AV or a scanner like Malewarebytes. You can even utilize cloud service like VirusTotal for scanning files and checking for suspicious URLs.

For all those who are using Firefox they can opt for VTzilla as a browser extension in the toolbar. This extension will help you check hyperlinks and scan it. Another option can be VirusTotal that will alert you against any malicious website.