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Upgrades Got You Down? 3 Tips For a Smooth Transition

Let me just get this out there as quickly as I can. I don’t like change very much. Never have and probably never will. This may come as a shock since my background includes working for 15 years in the information technology industry and change on a weekly or monthly basis was a given.

Being a virtual assistant, change is common because there are always new programs to learn and upgrades to be done. But I suffer from upgradeaphoebia and seriously, it’s a wonder I ever upgrade anything. Sometimes I have to upgrade in order to accommodate something I need or want and in these cases I don’t really mind. But other times, when I am forced to upgrade for the sake of it or because it’s pushed upon me (Windows Vista anyone?), then the horns start growing, the vein pops out, and my teeth start gnashing. OK, I guess I am not that bad, but pretty close.

How did I get this bad? I used to be a superstar during my first job as a word processor back in the late 80′s. Using a 286 with MS-DOS, I used to create custom menus in my autoexec.bat file, I learned all the cool tips for ‘Q&A’ and ‘WordPerfect’, and I was the only word processor who downloaded soft fonts to my printer so that my letters beamed with the professionalism of Times Roman while others still used Courier fonts. I was so high speed!

Years later and working as an IT specialist, I couldn’t begin to count the number of upgrades, rollouts, repairs, or patches I’ve done. Technology is exponential; everything from hardware, software, and tech gadgets has a short life because not only do we want the latest and greatest, but one has to keep up or else you are left with an obsolete [insert name here].

This is especially tough for those of us who work online because we are our own IT department. We have to learn it, use it, support it, and troubleshoot it. Just when I would feel comfortable with a particular piece of hardware or software, I would get the upgrade notice. Argh!

I have learned over the years that it doesn’t have to be painful. Follow these tips to make sure your next upgrade is as pain-free as possible:

  1. Do some research. Do not wait until you’ve already upgraded your operating system to find out it is not compatible with your favorite web editing program. Go the manufacturer’s website to check the compatibility list. If there is none listed, contact the manufacturer directly to see if compatible drivers will be available. This also goes for switching web hosts; if you use Frontpage extensions, make sure the new web host supports it as many nowadays do not.
  2. Backup. Do not, and I repeat, do not upgrade without first copying anything of value to another storage device. In theory, upgrading software or operating systems are supposed to leave data alone and just upgrade the system files that run the software. But I have witnessed many times where something went wrong and a complete reformat was necessary. There goes all your family vacation pictures! Don’t let this happen to you.
  3. Document. Before and after you have upgraded, write down all serial numbers, PIN codes, passwords, license numbers, anything associated with a particular piece of software or hardware, and keep them in a place other than your computer. You may need this information when talking to a customer service rep. It doesn’t do any good to save everything in an Access database or Outlook when you’re on the phone with customer service and you can’t open your files. Well, unless you have nothing else to do and can chat with a tech support rep for a few hours while your account gets straightened out. I speak from experience.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I am trying to overcome my upgradeaphobia. I know that I am improving because now when I upgrade, I find it hard to go back to the old versions. I liken it to continuing to use a word that has gone out of style. And when I do commit that faux pas, my kids laugh and call me a “newb.” You don’t want to be known as the “newb” in your family do you?

Maybe the word “upgrade” isn’t such a bad word after all!

Copyright 2009, Lisa Wells

Effective Tips to Remove WORM_MEYLME.B

It is well-known that exposure of any kinds of worms or viruses to PC can simply terminate the system processes. There are several dangerous worms which can attack on the computer and completely disrupts the processing method. One of the common and perilous worms is WORM_MEYLME.B. This worm is really very dangerous and cause a lot of adverse problems in the computer. This worm can enter into the computer via various ways like:-

  • Sharing of network
  • Removable drives
  • Visiting Malicious site
  • Through emails
  • Malevolent software downloads

Once this virus entered in your system then it means that your system is now at a risky situation. It spreads rapidly in the computer and causes several undesirable issues. So it is quiet necessary to remove WORM_MEYLME.B quickly in order to provide security to your PC. The presence of this worm give rise to several unfavorable problems like:-

  • Delete various saved files
  • Disable AV applications
  • Interrupts the updating process
  • Terminate various working process
  • Creates duplicate files
  • Damage the registry
  • Disable anti-virus program
  • Diminish the speed and performance of system

Only the occurrence of one worm can cause several horrible problems in your PC and completely damages the system. It is quite necessary to delete WORM_MEYLME.B earlier so that your system remains untouched with above mentioned problems and can work properly.

You can delete this worm by following the given manual steps:-

  • Disable “system restore” option and restart the system
  • Now properly reboot your computer in safe mode
  • View all the hidden folders and files
  • Find “%System%\SendEmail.dll” file and then properly unregistered it
  • Once you unregistered the files then open Windows explorer where you will find a list of files as:-
  1. %Windows%\tryme1.exe
  2. %Windows%\ie.exe
  3. %Windows%\rd.exe
  4. %System%\SendEmail.dll
  5. %Windows%\im.exe
  • Delete all the above mentioned files one by one

The above mentioned procedure can delete the malicious files but sometimes it happens that the system does not show all the hidden files due to some internal problems. As a result it happens that many malevolent files remain in the computer which generates several problems. In this situation it is quiet necessary to use recognized Anti Spyware software which can easily remove WORM_MEYLME.B and also deletes all the infected files. This tool is available with auto scanning features which thoroughly scans the system, extracts a list of available virus or worm and then quickly removes it.

As earlier said the occurrence of this worm degrades the system performance and damages the registry. So, to enhance the system performance you will have to use computer maintenance tool. This tool is very much influential in fixing the corruption issues of registry or system. After using this software you can access your computer with no troubles.

Unllimited iPhone Downloads – 3 Most Important Tips To Choose The Best Iphone Downloads

iPhone is an internet enabled multimedia mobile phone and holding one is prestigious for the gadget gurus. But an iphone without media downloads is absolutely waste of your money. You have 7 hrs of video playback and 24 hrs of audio playback. So get ready to load your iPhone. There are lot of sites which offers free downloads,pay per download services and unlimited iphone downloads for a initial one time fee. These videos and music are usually compatible with your iPod too. You are getting a combo deal for the price of one.

But do a basic research on what to look for when choosing the iphone download service.Here are the 3 most important tips to choose the best iphone download service.

1.The Price that you want to spend for iPhone Downloads – Free or Paid

This is an important factor. I will suggest you to avoid free downloads.Why ? Ask yourself why any one will like to give you free iphone downloads. Most of these sites are scam sites. They might just collect your information and sell it to others. There are many users who report about the spywares,viruses and other programs that gets installed along with these free iphone downloads and it affects your system performance and speed. So be very careful if you are choosing a free download service.

If you decide to spend for the media downloads you have two options. A one time fee or pay per download. Most of the unlimited iphone download sites offer a 49$ life time membership where you can download unlimited movies,music,games,softwares and more. If you decide to choose the pay per download you can pay according to your download. But if you are a media person then you will end up paying a lot. Go for a 49$ one time membership fee for unlimited iphone downloads.

2.User Interface and Ease of Use :

You pay for an iphone download service and you have to download the media from your membership area to your iphone. Go for the membership which will offer you a friendly user interface where you can easily choose the media and download them effectively. Some sites offer a very easy to use interface but you may not get to know how to use it. Go for the sites that offers you with proper guides to navigate, select and download media for your iphone.

The media you download from some of these sites may not be ready to use. You may have to convert them using a software that comes along with the membership. Go for the sites that offer you media directly to your iphone so that you don’t have to convert them to compatible format.

3.Security and Support :

Another important factor. Never compromise your iphone security for the media. Some of the viruses that come along with the free downloads will cost you a lot more than you pay for a secured download. Go for the site which follows security measures and offers you a secured downloading service.

A lot of sites offer a good pre-sales support but will end up with a poor technical support after you pay for the service. Read the user reviews and know about these sites.Make sure you go for the sites which will offer you excellent after-sales technical support.

There are other factors like Good Media Collection,Fast Download speed,Money Back return policy etc

But these are the 3 most important tips to keep in mind before paying to download movies,music,videos,games and softwares for your new iphone.

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