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Internet Download Speed Drops

Why internet download speed drops? Do you face this problem with your internet connection? Unfortunately a lot of computer users encounter the same problem. People would be happy if they are able to improve downloading performance. There are many factors that cause internet speed to drop suddenly. Spyware infection, third party toolbars and extensions installed in your browser, registry fragmentation and corrupted temporary internet files are the leading causes of slowing down of internet speed. If you are one of such users having this problem, you are at the right place as there are outlined the possilbe reasons behind this problem. There are also given solution tips to resolve the issue instantly.

Spyware Blocking Internet Access? Scan the System for Spyware Infection

A spyware is a rogue software that obtains information from a user’s computer without his/her knowledge. A spyware may be the reason why internet download speed drops suddenly as these malicious applications hinder the access to internet by manipulating system files.

Download a good antispyware software and update its definitions database. Completely scan the system and remove spywares found, if any.

Too many Toolbars in Browser? Disable Some of the Toolbars

Often free products and websites install various toolbars and extensions (add-ons) on your web browser which makes your browser slower and consequently it takes a little longer to download files from internet. Make it sure your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc) is not loaded with too many toolbars/add-ons at the same time.

Open your web browser and click View | Toolbars. Uncheck the toolbar that you do not wish to keep enabled.

Settings not Optimized? Optimize the Internet by Changing Required Configurations

An Internet Optimizer is a software which changes the system settings to optimize the internet performance. It is not possible for a layman user to manually tweak internet settings. Using a reliable software utility is a better option to speed up downloads.

You need an internet optimizer software as your system might not be properly configured for best results. Analyze the current configurations and adjust them using a internet optimizer feature which is available in a good system utilities software.

Extensions Causing Browser to Respond Slow? Disable Unwanted Extensions

Extensions are also a type of add-ons. However, most browser extensions keep on updating themselves automatically. This results in decreased browser performance.

Disable the extensions that are installed by third party web sites.
Open Internet Explorer.
Click Tools | Manage Add-Ons.
Disable one by one third party add-ons.
Restart the browser

Delete Temporary Internet Files

Corruption in the temporary downloaded files, web cache contents and other files could be the reason why internet download speed drops. Delete these files using a System Cleaner application or otherwise perform the following steps:
Open Internet Explorer.
Click Tools | Delete Browsing History.
Mark the items checked which you wish to delete.
Click “Delete” button to confirm.

Easy to Apply Tips for Google Nexus 10

The Google Nexus 10 tablet was launched last year but users are still looking for tips for an enhanced gadget experience. However, to fulfill this purpose you need to know the tips that you can apply. Let us get started with a list of tips that will help you make various adjustments like media settings, content, upgrading software and remove unwanted apps.


Android has come up with many updates in its latest OS version, the latest being 4.2.2. It is always suggested that you upgrade your device to that latest version. With a few simple steps you can easily upgrade your Nexus 10, Settings->About tablet->System Updates.

If somehow the above-mentioned steps fail to work then you can also opt for force upgrade, here is how:

• Settings- > Apps -> swipe to Downloaded Apps-> All Installed apps and games • Locate Google Services Framework system app
•Tap on the option of Force stop and then tap Clear Data option
• Go to About Tablet and tap on System Updates-> Check Now

Launch Google Now

You can access Google Now by swiping upwards to the center. However, if you are using it for the first time then you need to take a tutorial for it. Turn on the Location services by selecting the check box against the option of Wi-Fi & Mobile Network Location. As soon as you are finished you will start receiving news according to your settings.

Using voice control

Nexus 10 makes it possible to utilize its voice feature for activating various options and apps. Tap the virtual microphone button located next to search box to activate this feature. Now you will be able to access loads of things like setting alarm, take notes, get flight info and many more functions that are defined by you. You can define up to 53 different kinds of voice requests.

Removing unwanted apps

Your tablet comes loaded with various apps also known as bloat ware that you might not require. At times you need to remove unwanted apps for removing clutter from your device. Press and hold down an app then drag upwards to Uninstall. However, if it is a system app you will only get the App info. In this case you can only disable it to free the memory.

Downloading HD content

The Nexus 10 is fully capable of displaying HD video quality. For this purpose download Moboplayer, this will help you watch movies and videos on your device. This software is available for free. Additionally, you can download movie like Timescapes that can be purchased with $29.95. However you can also choose to view a free preview of the movie at any video site but this will not give you the HD quality you need. Additionally, while purchasing a movie to download on your tablet remember to choose the 2560×1440 version, this is best suited version for your tab.

Shooting and editing video

Movie Studio is the most exciting software that enables you in shooting and editing video. it allows you to edit number of chosen video clips that appear on timeline along with various other options. You can choose to make settings in transitions, effects, music and titles.

Using a gaming controller

If you are the one who enjoys games then Nexus 10 is just the right tab for good gaming experience. you can use your tab as a gaming controller. You can use it along with Sony PS3 and use 4 controllers. Additionally, you can even plug in the Xbox controller in your tablet. You also have the option of purchasing a wireless controller like Nyko Playpad.

Copying media and using Quick Settings

Copying media is made easy in this tablet; all you need to do is plug in the device through USB jack to your system. This will appear as a hard drive in your PC. You have the option of copying your media files such as music, videos, pictures and other documents to your tablet.

The feature of the Quick Settings comes handy for controlling your settings including, powering on/off Wi-Fi, adjusting brightness, turning off the feature of auto-rotate and controlling other such options. You can access Quick Settings by swiping downwards to the right. Additionally, Quick Settings enables you to access all your other settings options in your tablet.

Streaming content from tablet to TV

Often you might like to watch that video on YouTube or any other video website. Live streaming video from your tablet to your HD TV is a great experience. For streaming media you need an HDMI cable that will help you plug into your TV. As soon as you start streaming video on your tablet it will scale to 1080p. However, remember to power off your tablet at the time of connecting and disconnecting your device, even your TV should be powered off while making the connection via HDMI.

Free iPod Video Converter Tips

An iPod video converter is a software that will allow you to quickly convert your computer media files (avi,mpeg etc) to a format supported by your iPod. This way you can download, transfer, convert and watch all kind of movies, TV shows and other video files on your iPod. There are a lot of free iPod converters out there and most of them include extra software that will allow you to download video before converting it and playing it in your iPod.

Here is what to look for when choosing a free iPod video converter:

- The video converter software must support as many video file formats as possible (avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, divx are just some popular formats). There are video converters that also support conversion of popular audio files (wav, mp3, ogg, m4a etc). Check out if all the necessary encoders and decoders are included in the software.

- The video conversion speed. A lot of converters while they support all the possible video formats, they are really slow and sometimes they freeze causing a lot of frustration. Many video converters do not support multithreading and batch conversion making the process of video conversion a pain. Batch conversion will allow you to convert more than one video files at the same time.

- The user interface must be friendly and designed in a way that will allow even a total newbie to access all the controls and functions of the video converter software. If a software company creates a user friendly iPod video converter, chances are that the video converter will work properly apart from being user friendly.

- Check out if the iPod video converter allows you to convert a part/segment of the movie. This is a demand if you want to watch just a part of a movie show or a football game. Be sure to use the preview feature if any, to see the output result before converting.

- The quality of the converted media file. Many iPod video converters are really fast but the output is disappointing. Video freezes, audio stops playing, screen turns red or green, short audio or video breaks during playback. This is common for some video converters. Especially if you don’t know how to use the conversion process properly. Be careful when adjusting video size, bit rate etc.

Before installing any iPod video converter make sure you have the latest version of firmware for your iPod in order to get the most out of the video converter software. Download the latest firmware for your iPod for free at the apple website.