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Learn How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus – 3 Surefire Tips to Eliminate Trojan Horse Virus

So the first question is what the trojan virus exactly is. In order to know what it is, you will know what it does to your computer and how to get rid, and further prevent it from going on yoru computer. It is a malicious software that ultimately leaves you computer open so that other viruses can attack it.

As strange as this sounds, it is like the AIDS virus for the computer. The same way AIDS causes humans to be open for sickness for other diseases, this is what the trojan horse virus can do to your computer. It derives its name from the Trojan Horse, who used the horse to secretly send soldiers in the city that was nearly impossible to get in and allow the army to take over the city.

This is a software that will open the “floodgates” on your computer – this trojan horse is harmless all by itself but will compromise the security of yoru personal computer or laptop, so let’s get rid of this thing! As it can expose personal information such as bank statements, credit card information, social security number, and a number of things!

How Did it Get on the Computer & How to Get it Off?

There are an unlimited amount of ways that this gets on your computer – it usually attatches itself to normal files such as video files, video game files, music, or regular picture files. Even word documents from untrusted or unknown sites can hurt you.

SureFire Tip #1 – You want to ultimately make sure that you run a registry scan to make sure that there is no virus identified on your computer, update all your spyware deletors, and your anti-virus software.

SureFire Tip #2 – Avoid downloading music, videos, or images from any untrusted website including popular free downloading websites that may exist. Peer to Peer program users are most high at risk as there is no regulation to what viruses people can sneak through the portals. Remember that the virus attatches itself to normal documents and ultimately conquers your computer the way the Greek army used the Trojan horse to conquer the city of Troy.

SureFire Tip #3 – Have you ever though about a registry cleaner. Professionals usually use a registry cleaner when cleaning your computer so that you can clear all the bugs, bad things, and malicious spyware/software that may be on your computer.

So avoid downloading from untrusted sites, make sure you update your anti-spyware, and make sure you invest In a good registry scanner/cleaner so that you can get rid of this spyware for good!

Ten Online Safety Tips For Families

Knowing how to use social media and the Internet in general is an important part of being a good parent. Most teenagers and a growing number of younger children are using and interacting with social media. With the growing number of ways to communicate online, the increasing number of internet enabled devices and a more technically savvy populous, parents need to be ever vigilant in the online activities of their children. To help you, I bring you ten online safety tips to help you educate yourself in proper Internet safety practices.

Tip 1: Never click links given to you by people you do not trust.

Drive by downloads are a huge issue for a lot of the less savvy internet users. By clicking on links that you receive in email from unknown people you are at risk of infecting your computer with a virus if you allow the download to take place.

Tip 2: Always require your children to add you as a friend on their social networking accounts.

With most of the current social media outlets adding someone to your friends list also allows them to see your friends. Keep an eye out on how many people your child is adding and what applications they are using. Social media applications are a major privacy concern as they access user data and share that data with third party marketing firms and other partners. Many people do not pay attention to this fact. Also, when your child adds what a social media outlet labels as a friend it could just as well be a complete stranger. Keep this in mind when monitoring the use of social media by your children.

Tip 3: Talk with your family about Internet safety and help them stay apprised of new online safety tips that you might discover.

Caring is sharing as they say. Make sure that your family is involved in the online safety process. You are only as safe as you are knowledgeable. Educating yourself in technological trends for a few minutes a day can save you a lot of pain later.

Tip 4: Always remember that Internet enabled mobile phones and devices can be infected with viruses too.

Many people forget that mobile phones, IPads, IPhones and Android phones are just small computers. They can be infected with viruses and malware as well. Make sure that you are smart about how you use the Internet.

Tip 5: Use a firewall and learn how to manage the firewall properly.

Can you unblock a port that your firewall is blocking? Can you block an address that is trying to access your computer? Do you know where to find out the information if you have questions? A firewall is an important part of staying secure. Learn to use yours.

Tip 6: Use an antivirus solution and keep it updated.

The biggest thread to online safety are viruses, tracking cookies and online scams. Keep yourself protected from viruses and malware by learning to manage your antivirus software properly. An outdated virus scanner is useless against new viruses. Learn to test your virus scanner with the eicar test files. You can find them at the site linked at the bottom of the page.

Tip 7: Keep your operating system updated.

Keeping your Windows system or Mac system up to date is a critical component of any online safety plan. If you have out dated software and you are online you are at risk of being hacked because of existing bugs in the old, unpatched software you are running. You need to keep all of your programs up to date at all times.

Tip 8: Never give out passwords to any one for any reason.

This is self-explanatory. Never give out your password for any reason and never write your passwords down or store them in a mobile phone without encrypting them first.

Tip 9: Never download software from places that you do not trust.

By downloading and running software from untrusted locations you are at greater risk of your privacy and online safety being breached. Always download from a known, trusted location and make sure that you validate that the files do not contain viruses before executing them.

Tip 10: Visit Online Safety Today regularly for online safety tips and tricks. Online Safety Today provides online safety tips and tricks to families and Internet users to make their web experience more enjoyable and more safe.

Antivirus Free Download – What You Need to Know

An antivirus free download has several features, which can be used to make sure that the person interested gets exactly what they want. However, it is paramount to know the attributes of these antivirus software programs before you make a decision. The components will vary from one antivirus to another. Though this is the case, some of them will have more or less the same quality, purpose and end result.

Tip #1: The first feature of such antivirus is that they will expire after some time. In most cases, the expiry duration is typically after thirty days. In some rare cases, they will take longer than this duration to expire and provide you with a little more time with the freebie. The reason why they expire though is that they are made as a trial for the user. The user will have a short test period to see the efficacy of the antivirus free download This test duration will be the determinant of the user’s continued use or the termination of use.

Tip #2: When a user has the antivirus installed and running, they will be able to see if there is a difference between their former use of the previous antivirus and the current use of the new one. The difference between the antivirus free download and the former antivirus that they were using will give them a reason for making a final decision. If the new antivirus is better than the old one, they will have no problem making sure that they use the newer version. However, if the difference is the same or the newer version performs less, they will prefer to use their older version. This means that the free antivirus application will have to perform better than all other version of antivirus if they are to hit the mark.

Tip #3: Another feature of such antivirus software products is that they are able to be used freely for a single user as long as they register. This means that the antivirus free download will have to be installed and registered through the use of the Internet. The reason behind such a move is to have some statistics recorded and the data saved. The company that made the product will want to have knowledge of the number of users who have purchased their product.

Tip #4: The company will also need to know the regions that their product has a lot of popularity. This is the reason why such software will need registration to be used. Finally, the location that they are found is more or less similar. An Antivirus Free Download will mostly be advertised on the Internet. Websites that are targeted for such advertisements will be those that have high rankings in search engines and those that are computer software related.