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Internet Marketer Powerful Tips

The importance of a solid list is the difference between unlimited riches and never reaching your desired goal. Your list is your way of delivering the message you want to convey to your potential customers. How do list work to your advantage? For example, say you have a personal interest in equine therapy. You surf the net to find pertinent information regarding equine therapy and stumble across a site that appears to have a lot of quality information on the subject. You enroll to get their weekly updates via email. When you enrolled you became part of their list. Your email address was just added to that Internet Marketers list. This becomes a win/win situation for you and the customer as long as you provide quality information on the specified topic. Fluff will result in the potential customer unsubscribing from your list.

There are literally hundreds of marketing programs that will show you how to create a list. However, a few important steps need to be done prior to list creation. Selecting a domain name is one of them. A domain name is simply how the customer locates you, the address to your site. Make sure your domain name fits the service or product that you are promoting. After choosing and registering an appropriate domain name, you will need to set up your hosting account and get your website live. Good deals are easily found online on hosting account or domain registration.

Once your site is hosted, you need to provide some information of very good quality with respect to your niche. You want the potential customer to come back to your site. In order to do that, you need to keep your website up to date and offer new educational and quality information at all times. This is where list building comes into play. You set your site up for the potential customer to receive updated information regarding your niche, they subscribe, and you build your list.

In order to build your list quicker, offer freebies to your potential customers in exchange of their email address. Usual freebies include informative reports, newsletters, E-courses or E-books regarding their product or service. Most people like freebies. Another great way to build your list fast is offering free software downloads. Of course, in order to receive the free download the potential customer must fill in their name and email address in an application form, also called opt in box.

One last important thing, before creating your list: you must acquire an Auto-responder. Your auto responder will send out the information the potential client has requested, whether it be a weekly newsletter or software download. It will also capture the email addresses filled in your Opt-in box from your prospects.

The quality of the product you are offering is essential in building the list, so make sure you pick your product wisely.

Why You Should Not Use Free Software

Free computer software is now a popular trend with Internet users. However, experts view these free download offers as potential sources of threat to your computer system. Free software downloads can easily breach your computer security and serve as a back door entry to malicious programs.

Concept of Free Computer Software

Free computer software is that which can be copied or distributed by the public without any legal restrictions. Legally, a software license and customer agreement is required in order to run any software on your computer. If it is not-for-free or is actually proprietary software, a unique registration key and activation code is incorporated by the manufacturer and passed to the user who purchases the software. This registration key is specific to that particular copy of the software. However, free software comes with a ‘free software license’ and an open registration key. Both of these are available to all, which means that any user can download and install them without worrying about registration formalities.

Free Computer Software and Possible Security Threats

Crusaders of free software view it as an attempt towards democratization of knowledge and expertise while many others view it with suspicion due to security reasons. Another fact to consider is that free software has security flaws in the patch files. This means that there is a strong possibility for an adware, spyware, virus or a malicious program to be hidden along with it. It is best for you to be aware of these potential threats and avoid installing free software. Still, the most popular websites to download free software are CNet and ZDNet. Millions of people are aware of security threats yet they share online data with friends on numerous social networking sites.

Tips for Installing Free Download

It is possible to enjoy the benefits of free software without putting your system at risk. Here are some simple but effective tips to follow before carrying out a free download:

  • Check authenticity: Try to download only from sites that display an authorization certificate. TRUSTe is one of the organizations that certify software vendors and provide ‘trusted seal’ logo for display.
  • Examine source: Search for the original source before you download any software from the Internet. It can be a company or an individual who has provided this content. If it’s a company, you should read the license agreement for verification. Also, examine the privacy and security measures applied by the company or the individual.
  • Do not download widgets from social networking sites. They may contain adware or spyware applications.
  • Avoid file sharing with online friends who are not your personal contacts. There is no mechanism to test the identity of online friends.
  • Advanced virus or spyware removers carry out a security check before you download an application. Once a high quality virus remover is installed, you can be at ease from potential security threats.

Lots of free downloads continue to mushroom on the Internet. It is your choice whether to put your system at risk or not. Whatever you choose, follow these tips when you go forward with free software download installations

Get Free Downloads – Learn to Speak Spanish Software and Lessons

The best “learn to speak Spanish” learning programs often offer free downloads, learn to speak Spanish software and lessons, to teach you some Spanish and to help sell their products. These free sample lessons are of the best quality the makers can manage, because they want to make a good impression with them.

For example, Mauricio Evlampieff’s Rocket Spanish (the leading learn conversational Spanish course) offers a free 6-part mini course in Spanish valued at $37.00. The lessons in the mini-course are useful and you will learn some useful Spanish whether you decide to go ahead and buy the full course, for under $100, or not.

Patrick Jackson (FSI Spanish) will send you six whole lessons from FSI Programmatic Spanish, for free, because he is convinced that these lessons show off his product well and many will be influenced to buy the full course for $97. These lessons are sent to you via e-mail, six lessons, one a day for six days.

Marcus Santamaria, author of Synergy Spanish, offers free “Synergy Spanish” training to ‘test drive’ their product and give you a taste of what their Spanish-learning system and their “multiplying Spanish” approach can do for your ability to communicate in Spanish.

Lessons come to you by e-mail and include free e-book chapters, flashcards, audio lessons and a free subscription to the ‘Synergy Spanish Tips’ newsletter. Just register for Part 1 of the course. Of course, they want you to buy their full Spanish learning course for $39.95, but you don’t have to.

And there are still more free downloads learn to speak Spanish software packages available!

Dave Rivera, creator of the Surefire Spanish learning package, offers free lessons with tips on how to learn a language, keys to pronunciation for any language, why you must learn complete sentences when first learning a language and how to learn the proper tempo of a language.

These are specific Spanish lessons in pdf files. They use their “Natural Method” to learn Spanish grammar fast. They also associate new words with pictures which makes learning easier. All this is demonstrated in their free lessons, which they use to promote their $37 Spanish learning course.

Even Carlos Miranda at Latin slang for gringos (which he writes as “Latin Slang 4 Gringos”) offers free Spanish resources to help you learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and more for free. This to help promote his course in Latin American slang which sells for $27.

Latin slang for gringos is not a full Spanish-learning program. It is an insiders’ guide to understanding Latino slang, made especially for Northamericans whose first language is English. It’s to enable them to understand what Latinos are really saying when they use slang expressions not found in most dictionaries!

As you can see there are many free downloads, learn to speak Spanish, software learning programs available. To get more info on any of the above, just follow the links below.